Digitization ensures to benefit most of the industries by transforming their core processes and systems. The real estate industry has started adopting digital technology for its operational activities and operations. People are moving from conventional methods towards digital tools for their convenience. The digital transformation of real estate is accelerating at a rapid pace.

OSRE responded to this situation years ago by digitizing the entire transaction process within real estate. By using smart checks (Identification and Credit check) among other things, the process is not only accelerated but also made user-friendly.

Facilitated by the integration with fillthedoc, rental contracts are now digitized and automated within this process. By means of a blockchain timestamp on LTO Network, an immutable audit trail is recorded, guaranteeing data integrity and thus making the process safer.

"This partnership and collaboration with fillthedoc is an important step for OSRE in two ways. In the first place, this is an important step in making the transaction smarter. Which is our goal every day. In the second place, our team and our clients are introduced to blockchain technology. So we are raising the bar a bit higher for the real estate sector."
Jurjen Thomas, CEO of OSRE

Both organizations believe it’s better for tech companies to work together instead of building everything themselves. With this attitude, OSRE and fillthedoc have come together to initially integrate the generation of rental and purchase contracts into the workflow of the OSRE RELET solution. This has made fillthedoc an official service provider of the OSRE platform.

"Our partnership with OSRE fits perfectly in the vision we have with fillthedoc. OSRE knows the housing market and delivers a turnkey solution for the real estate transaction. Filltedoc provides the solution for contract automation and data capture through blockchain. This is a first step. By working with parties such as OSRE, you reach a next level of efficiency".
Rick Ros, Account Executive of fillthedoc

About OSRE:
Since 2012 OSRE is active in the customer journey of making the real estate transaction smarter. Based on a Software-as-a-Service multi-site platform for multiple asset classes OSRE connects property to people. OSRE believes that the process of a transaction has to give real estate professionals, tenants and buyers a smile. With 23 people all with a passion for real estate and technology, OSRE is working every day on an innovative and scalable product, a platform to automate the real estate transaction.

About fillthedoc:                                                                                                  Organizations worldwide spend billions every year on contract automation, for the purpose of working as efficiently as possible, ultimately reducing costs. This often involves investments in (SaaS) software tools which is time-consuming and very expensive. fillthedoc is an API tool which enables you to digitize documents in any system. You can automatically retrieve (and return) data from external (source) systems to fill the document.

fillthedoc originated from LegalThings (started 2017), a SaaS software for digitizing and automating contracts. As more and more parties were expressing a desire for an option to integrate LegalThings into existing systems, fillthedoc has been launched on the market. fillthedoc can be used and tested for free!