Where the drafting of contracts at many large companies is already handled digitally via contract drafting software, the automation of these contracts is often still done manually. Albert Heijn's (the largest Dutch supermarket chain) franchise VOS Supermarkten, which also includes various Etos and Gall & Gall stores, was able to fully automate their WAB obligations within a week. Thus, using the fillthedoc contract automation tool, they have also become compliant with new labor laws.

Large companies are constantly optimizing their internal operations. However, the legal branch often lags behind, supported by the classic image of the corporate lawyers who have to supervise contract settlement. In practice, however, employment contracts that are settled by parties such as Albert Heijn, appear to be easy to digitize and automate, after which they can be drafted quickly and correctly by - in this case - the HR department.

Fillthedoc supports this by automating existing - often Word - templates, which can easily be processed in a digital template. After this, existing data can be easily exchanged by linking existing systems of an organization, which accelerates the process of drawing up the contract and makes it less prone to error.

Given the many employees at Albert Heijn Vos Supermarkten, with an equal number of employment contracts, monitoring these contracts is a time-consuming process. Monitoring these contracts is relevant in the light of the recently adopted The Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB) which came into force on January 1st 2020. This law states that notifications, accompanied by a proposal for a permanent employment contract, should be sent automatically to employees after a certain period of temporary work for an employer.

"Manually tracking the HR process is time consuming and increases the likelihood of future penalties for missing deadlines for non-compliance. With Fillthedoc we were able to streamline and automate these HR processes easily. This saves us many hours of administrative work each month and a reduced risk of fines."

Anouk van Manen, HR Manager of Albert Heijn VOS

With the digitization of the templates and the setting of notifications based on the aggregated dataset, the HR department of Albert Heijn VOS supermarkets can now draw up contracts and monitor them with fillthedoc without the help of the company lawyers. This way of working is more efficient, less prone to errors and provides relief for the work of the in-house lawyer, who can now focus on complex legal matters.

"This new setup for VOS Supermarkten is fully in line with how fillthedoc wants to facilitate the contract management of the future. We are proud that with fillthedoc we are able to implement new legislation so quickly for our customers that they are not only compliant at the time of the entry into force of the law, but can even anticipate new legislation."

Rick Schmitz, CEO of fillthedoc

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